Michelle is a country girl at heart, with a sweet spot for the smell of alfalfa and soil. Rumor has it, she cries at every wedding she captures. She has a passion for baking and runs a second small business out of her home that helps people stay healthy.

She's a fun loving gal that hopes to one day travel to Venice and share an authentic Italian cuisine with her husband during a beautiful sunset.

meet Michael

Mike is a creative soul. Everything from fashion blogging to song writing, he has spent his life expressing himself through art.
One of his favorite past times is thrift shopping ( yes..thrift shopping) and video games. He also takes pleasure in spending time with their very close knit family. He is known for packing up the RV and taking the family on a weekend excursion.
One of his life's goals is to one day travel to Europe and Italy and photograph weddings abroad.


“We are an award winning husband and wife team here in sunny Northern California. Our passion is capturing loving moments in the lives of our clients. We are known for adding a little twist to our shoots through posing and a unique workflow. In the past four years, we have had the pleasure of seeing a host of couples tying the knot. Hearing the words "I Do", feels like we are saying it to each other all over again.”